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The Best Way To Get Pregnant ... Period!

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Sexual intercourse, ovulation, pregnancy, fertilization, conception in order to reproduce and have a baby… a hot, intimate and sensitive topic at the best of times. You would like to know the best way to get pregnant naturally? You´ve come to the right place. Especially when trying to get pregnant naturally or overcoming infertility the natural way!

This unification or coming together of a female-borne human egg and male-borne sperm typically occurs naturally in the reproductive cycles and organs of the body (ampulla of the uterine tube). It initiates a new life and starts a baby’s young development at the moment of conception, fertilization. The dynamics and mechanics of the process are simplistic, yet complex, as a sperm infuses with an ovum, post ejaculation during sexual intercourse.

Sperm-enzymes let it burrow through the gel-like outer jelly coat of the egg. BUT, before we jump the gun, what is the utmost, best way to get pregnant?

Well, the answer… TIMING! It really is everything. Figure out when the best, most fertile time of the month, in the ovulation cycle would be for you, chart and watch for the fertility signs (change in the cervical mucus, more egg-white type secretions (it keeps sperm alive longer, enabling and increasing chances of conception), basal body temperature, it rises/is typically higher when the body is ready to ovulate, produce an egg)

Use the missionary sexual position that presents the cervix better and lie still, body tilted (propped up on a pillow for 30 minutes or so after intercourse), and work for optimal mutual pleasure, orgasm, when the sexual organs and system work at its best, cervix is open and receptive, with depth of penetration, duration, closeness to ovulation date all factors to consider (see any online notes on the Shettles method for a good description of what occurs here and what to do!)

Listening to and knowing your body, its signals inside and out, will assist you in your holistic, more comprehensive and active approach to conception, pregnancy, especially if it is later in life, or if having difficulty, challenges or infertility, reproductive health issues.

Naturally, healthy lifestyles, wellness living, optimal preparation, planning, timing and making the most of every signal, opportunity and natural process, organ and positioning the bodies/partners can provide have to be combined. Sometimes just relaxing, having fun (and sex for pleasure rather than baby-making), might very well do the trick!

Stop looking for solutions, not panic and start LIVING and ENJOYING the process of creating a new life – it is a process, mechanics yes, but it is also a journey and exciting undertaking you can play a greater role in than passively waiting for it to ‘happen’ (or not!). The best way to getting pregnant and conceiving naturally is TO TAKE ACTION AND DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING, EVERYTHING… that works for you!

Having a plan is half the battle. Making the most of options, research, expanding your knowledge, apart from my best way to get pregnant. Getting help and discussing details with your partner and other treatment professionals, focusing not merely on mechanics, process, dynamics, but on the WHOLE picture, journey and outcome your best bet!